Monday, 16 April 2012

A bit of help?

The second name on the left page - Any thoughts?


  1. Betsy. Her surname is probably on the previous page.

  2. Eighth entry down I assume is meant to be marie, and the ending of that looks quite similar to yours, so I think you’re looking at an ‘ie’ ending rather than an ‘m’ or an ‘n’ as I initially assumed. So Be--ie – I would have voted either Bessie or Bettie (and they haven’t crossed the Ts). But Betsie is a good call.

  3. Bessy (or maybe Bessie; it definitely starts with Bess, anyway!). I can see why people would say Betsy, but that's just how they wrote ss back in the day (usually people mistake it for fs).

    And like Nancy said, her surname will be on the previous page.


  4. It could well be Y on the end, actually, and what I read as Marie would then be Mary - far more common, if nothing else.